5 benefits to having good values

You worked hard on developing your value system.  A system of knowing what is right and what is wrong.  What you are willing to compromise on when push comes to shove and what you will never compromise on.  You even have in your mind what are deal sealers (actions by others you would 100% support) a deal breaker (actions by others that you will run from quicker than Dash in the movie the Incredibles).

But can your stick to and stand by those values during crunch times? 

Here are 5 benefits of sticking with your values when pressured to do otherwise:

  • Build your self-confidence: When you see yourself sticking to your values during a challenging moment in your life, you will begin to see your self-confidence grow.  You will start believing that if you can do this, you can grow more in your life.
  • Build your self-esteem: As your self-confidence grows each time you stand by your values, you will not only see your own worth and abilities, you will start to discover additional abilities you did not even realize that were within you.
  • Self-respect: the more you stand by your values, the more you will like and respect yourself.  When you start to respect yourself, your potential to succeed grows exponentially.
  • Gain the respect of others:  The more you stand by your values, your beliefs and your principles, the more others will notice.  When others notice that you are a person of value and principles you will start earning their respect.  With others respecting you, you can start building healthier relationships that can help you grow while you help others grow in their lives.
  • Become a person of integrity: The foundation of being a person of integrity is first developing good values and sticking by them through think and thin.  As your become firm in your values, your values will become the foundation for you to start building a life of integrity.

You do not need to climb on top of a rooftop and scream to the world every one of your values.  Nor do you need to post on social media your values in a form that looks like a manifesto for life.  And you certainly do not need to flaunt you values around others or force people to comply with yours. 

People will discover your values by your everyday actions, decisions, opinions, and even the music you listen to, the clothing you wear, and the movies/TV shows you watch. 

If you are consistent with your values, others will pick up on them and the right people will come into your life.

Be warned, if you are not consistent in your values, you will be sending out mixed messages.  People may stay away from you, you may not like yourself, and the wrong people may approach you with the belief that you will sell out your values to help them achieve their goals in life leaving you to be nothing more than a tool or steppingstone for their success or evil plans.