7 Benefits Of Starting Your Day With Prayer.

“There is nothing more energizing that waking up early, watching the sun rise and spending time with the Lord”

A morning ritual

Every weekday morning. after I get my wife Kimberly off to work, I spend about 30 minutes in prayer.  When the weather is nice, I like to sit out on the front porch and pray as I watch my neighbors drive off to work and their children ride by on the school bus.  Some mornings I enjoy praying on our back patio, where I can watch the sun rise and listen to the morning sounds of nature as I pray.

When we have inclement weather, I often sit in our bedroom and pray.

I always begin my prayer by thanking God for another beautiful day.  For me every day is beautiful as we start each new day with an opportunity for others to see Christ through our words and actions. 

During my prayer time, I share everything with the Lord.  I thank Him for our blessings.  I share with Him my concerns and fears (I am still working on learning how to leave my problems with God).  I pray for my family and friends by name and I share any concern I have about them with God.  Before I close my prayer each morning, I share with Him my goals – both long term and for that day and ask Him to bless me beyond my wildest imagination.

When I am done with my prayer time, I’m equipped for a successful day and life because the prayer time has set me up for success!

How prayer time helps me succeed.

  1. Produces confidence – Some may argue that the key to being successful is confidence.  If you want to start a day off feeling confident, spend some time in the morning with God.
  2. Produces peacefulness – Starting your day off with a peaceful and calming emotions can help prevent you for overreacting to stress throughout the day.
  3. Eliminates worry and anxiety – If you battle either worry or anxiety (like I do), then starting the day off in prayer can help you find inner peace which will reduce both worry and anxiety throughout your day.
  4. Eliminates fretting – Fretting never changed anything, but prayer can.  If you want to avoid fretting over a client, a decision, or an obstacle that is in front of you, start the day by giving it to God.
  5. Prevents distractions – To be productive and successful you need to be as free of distraction as possible.  Starting your day off with prayer time will help you focus on what is truly important, allowing you to ignore the trivial.
  6. Protects us from discouragement – Knowing that God is in our corner, we are less likely to feel discouraged during the day because we know that everything happens for a reason.  We also know that God never lets anything happen to us that is not in His plan.
  7. Opens doors of opportunity – Are you looking for more opportunities to overcame obstacles or adversities and become successful?  Start your day off with God.

I believe that if you make time for God he will bless you tenfold!