7 uplifting songs from the 80’s

In my opinion, the last great decade of top 40 music was the 1980s.  Sure, the decade will always be remembered for songs like “Back in Time” by Huey Lewis, “Some Guys Have all the Luck” by Rod Stewart, “Sussudio” by Phil Collins, new wave, new age and synthesizer sound.  But mixed in with the greed, wild hair style and Reaganomics were seven songs that could lift your spirits and give you hope.

Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

In this one hit wonder’ song, Wilder proudly declares that regardless of what happens in life, nothing is going to break his stride – nothing is going to get him down (and you can adopt the same attitude)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Similar to Wilder’s song, in the early months of 1989 Bobbi McFerrin tells the tale of the trials of not being able to pay rent and facing legal action, he advises people not to worry just stay happy.

Future so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Timbuck 3 (I think this was their only hit) song follows a high school student as he or she progresses through life looking at how great things are now and how much protentional he or she sees in his future.  A great song that can help you see the blessing you have now while envisioning how blessed your life will be in the future.

Things Can Only Get Better

Howard Jones (AKA HoJo) in this hit song gives us hope that even when things look bleak to remember that things can only get better.

I’m Still Standing

In his hit song, Elton John proudly declares that no matter what his ex has done, he is still standing and will continue to stand proudly – regardless!

It’s Not Over, ‘Till It’s Over

This song from Starship tells us that if the odds are against us and they say we don’t stand a chance, there is no giving up or giving in.  Remember, it is never over until we get it right or we give up.  (I prefer the former).  Starship also gives us some great advice in this song including “You can’t build a dream without a plan” and “When push comes to shove, you got to fight for what you love”

Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now

Starship also charted with this song that gives us hope that love and working together con overcome anything.