Build Your All-Star Team of Supporters

If you want to be successful in either your personal or professional life, you will need an all-star team of people who support your efforts.  Remember, no man achieves greatness on his own and it takes a village to make a successful person.

The drive for success

If you are reading this, then more than likely you are wanting to achieve success in life.  The success you are seeking may be in your personal life: a better marriage, finding your significant other, overcoming an addiction or living a full life despite an disability.  Maybe you are seeking success in your professional life: A promotion, a new job or a career change.  Regardless of your reasons, you are seeking ways to be successful.

You may have set goals, created a vision board and placed it in a prominent place in your home or office, read books on the topic of self-improvement or quotes on success.  Maybe you are emulating the activities of successful people you admire.  However, if you do not have an all-star team of people who are your supporters, success may take longer to achieve – if at all.

Your all-star team of supporters

Just like a professional sports team, you will need a team of supporters who bring unique talents to the table.  I would suggest your team has motivators, encouragers, cheerleaders, braggers and rewarders.

Each specific position has a job to fulfill and if you have the right person/people in each job, they can help you succeed.

The motivator

This is the most important position on your team.  The motivator is responsible for motivating you to stay on track as you strive for success.  They are also the person who will have to be the bearer of bad news when you lose focus or go astray from your goal.

The motivator may not have to say a word to you.  It could be someone special to you who is the reason you want to succeed.  It could be your spouse, a child, or a teacher.  It might just be looking at that person that motivates you to work hard towards you goal.  Seeing their face reminds you why you set your goal and helps you refocus whenever you feel discouraged.

The encourager

The encourager is the person, either by their words, actions or both, encourages you to set your goal, to work hard towards your goal, and gives you reason to believe that your goal is achievable!

The encourager is also the person who gives you strength when times are tough, and/or you when feel discouraged.

The cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are those who either quietly or vocally are cheering you on as you strive to accomplish your goals and succeed.

The Braggers

Braggers are those who will toot your horn of success for you.  Usually these people who will speak on your belief, most commonly are people who see your posts on social media of your successes or accomplishments and share them with their friends.

The Rewarders

Rewarders are people who are celebrating with you, often in person.  It might be a good friend, a family member or a spouse or significant other, anyone who would go out and have a celebratory dinner or night out with you as you graciously take a victory lap for your accomplishments.

About the people on your team

The people on your team do not necessarily need to know that they are on your team.  Nor do they need to know which role or roles they are performing for you.  Personally, I feel it should be an unspoken understanding between yourself and your team members. 

Some of your team members may fulfill more than one position on your team.  Some will change positions on your time over time.  Some will fall off your team while you gain new team members.  It is just a natural part of any team (just look at any professional sports team).

It is important that you only have on your team people who are positive.  If a team member starts to bring negative vibes, you may wish to start to tune them out. 

Remember, it is your success you are building, and you want an all-star worthy team of supporters in your corner!