Changes in three areas of life can help you succeed

The other week I was attending a caching expo.  One of the presenters said something that caught my ear: “elevation requires separation”.  When I first heard those words, I knew exactly what that meant: if you want to elevate yourself to success, you may (and will) need to separate yourself from what is holding you back.

I believe this not only applies to any type of coach, but to everyone who wants to build success in any aspect of their lives.

I also believe there are three areas in life we may need to make some separations in so we have the possibly to reach out fullest potential.


Our habits can have a lot to do with the level of success we can achieve.  I am sure I am not telling you something you do not already know: good habits can help propel us to success, while bad habits can sabotage our journey and either delay or limit our success.

Some bad habits we need to separate ourselves from if we want to achieve the most success in our lives include:

  • Wasting time on activities that do not build success.  We all love to spend some down time watching TV, reading social media, etc. and there is nothing wring with these habits unless we let them consume too much of our time.
  • Eating poorly.  Poor diet habits can lead to bad health and when we are not as healthy as we can be, we can not reach our full potential in any aspect of our lives.
  • Addictions including drug, alcohol, smoking, gambling, pornography, etc. have the potential to ruin and story our lives.  If you are struggling with any addiction, it is my opinion that you will never be able to reach your full potential and level of success until you separate yourself form those bad habits.  You may need professional help to accomplish the necessary separation, but you must do what is necessary to break those bad habit so you can have a successful life.


Our environment, regardless of if that is our home, work, or other, can greatly impact our potential for success. 

A toxic work environment is not gong to help you grow an develop into the successful person that you know you can become.  The toxicity of the workplace, no matter how hard you try to isolate yourself from it, will infect you and impact your future.

As I spoke about earlier when I speak about habits, your environment may encourage you to participate in bad habits.   For example, if you are frequenting a bar that environment may encourage you to drink and that can be had news if you are an alcoholic.


The relationships we are involved in play a big role in how much success we will build in life. 

If we are in a bad marriage the stress, disappointment and arguments that the troubled relationship is causing will weigh on us and hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Not all our friendships are helping us reach our full potential.  Friends, or so-called friends, who encourage our bad habits or addictive behaviors, or are just pouting us down all the time, are holding us back from the success we could be creating in our lives.

This may surprise you, but even good friendships can be holding you back from success.  When I was in college, I had a good set of friends that I enjoyed hanging out with all the time.  I spent so much time with them and not enough time on my class, I failed courses and wound up on academic probation and delayed my success by repeating courses and spending extra time in college.

One of the best ways for us to bold success in our lives is to identify the habits, the environments and the relationships that are not helping us grow and separate ourselves from them because to elevate ourselves in our lives we must first separate ourselves form what is holding us back from success.

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