Watermark background of two windows, a desk lap against a white background. Centered is a monitor displaying a sprots stadium with “Live Steaming” in white letters. Bottom of image, against a blue background in white lettering appears “Live streaming event”. Below that, in blue text against a white background reads “Chris Mitchell will be live on the “A gift from adversity” podcast

Chris Mitchell will be live on the “A gift from adversity” podcast

Stream “A gift from Adversity” live November 28th at 8:30 CST and watch hostess Juri Love interview Chris Mitchell.

If you miss it live, replays of the interview will be available in the coming days.

About A Gift from Adversity:

“A Gift from Adversity” is a show interviewed by Juri Love. Juri has published her book “A Gift from Adversity” in 2020 which became Amazon’s #1 New Release in all three categories.

Ever since then, she has been getting many messages from readers who have experienced adversities from all over the world.

Juri felt compelled to create this podcast where people can share their adversities and tips and advice for overcoming adversity.

Juri hopes for the guests to feel this is a safe and healing experience and for the audience to learn about others’ adversity and be empowered.

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