Cover art for the #DefineYoursself Beyond Disability – the Podcast against aa multi-color hot air balloon hovering over a reflection of the balloon in water. The sky dark blue sky with a streak of yellow from a sunset.

The #DefineYourself Beyond Disability – the Podcast will launch on your favorites podcast player platform (including apple podcasts and Spotify) and to YouTube July 2023!

The #DefineYourself Beyond Disability – the Podcast is a weekly podcast that introduces you to successful people with disabilities.

In each 30-minute episode, my guest will share with us how he or she defined themselves beyond a disability to create their successful professional, personal, financial and/or academic lives that they desired, deserved and love to living today.

Every guest will share the lie hacks they used to overcome challenges, obstacles, adversities/ableism/ableist society, limitations and/or setbacks that tried to hold them back from success.

New episodes will drop every Tuesday starting 11 July 2023 at 5 am CDT