Failures builds success

Society tends to celebrate successes of others to the point that we believe that successful people never make mistakes or experiences failure.  Before we know it, we are believing that failures are bad, that when we fail, we are failures, and those two beliefs are holing us back from the success we desire and deserve in life.

The truth I want you to know and believe is very successful person has traveled, if not endured, an epic journey of trials, tribulations, upsets, setbacks, and failures not only on their way to success, but even after they are considered successful individuals.

Every successful person had to fail before he or she acquired the success they enjoy.

It has been said that Thomas Edison failed over 10000 times before he created a commercially viable light bulb.

Successful people continue to fail as they continue to build success.

Look at professional athletes, even the best hitter in baseball only succeeds about thirty percent of the time.  The best defensive player still makes errors in the game.

Every successful person knows that it takes failure to create success.  Successful people are not afraid to fail because they know the benefits they gain from each failure.

There are many benefits that are hidden in each one of our failures:

  • Wisdom.  At the very least, a failure shows us how and or why something doesn’t work.
  • Gratitude.  Faille’s can help us become more gleeful for the successes we have today and the success we can earn in the future.
  • Emotional resilience.  Each failure can teach us how to adapt to stressful situations and cresses (aka roll with the punches) and adapt to adversities. 
  • Focuses our efforts.  If we can get past the disappointment of failure, the experience can refocus how hard we need to work to succeed.
  • Show us what doesn’t work.  When we know what does not work, we can narrow down what will work to achieve success.
  • Sets us up to win.  Every failure has the potential to motivate us to work harder towards our goals.
  • Builds character.  Our failures have the potential to hep us become more compassionate, empathetic, and kind not only towards others, but towards ourselves.
  • Perfection is not always attainable.  Our failures help us realize that shooting for perfection is admirable, but not achieving it is an acceptable part of life.

It is time to start embracing our failures and wearing them proudly while knowing that they are they just a part of the journey we must take to build success in all aspects of our lives.

To paraphrase an old saying, if we can learn from our mistakes then they are not failures, they are steppingstones to becoming successful.

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