Vibrant blue background. On the right side of the image appears a photo of Chris Mitchell. A Caucasian male, wearing a blue polo shirt and glasses with blond hair. To the right of Chris, I yellow cursive text appears “Success Starts with Self-Confidence”. Beneath that, in yellow, appears “The Podcast/Vodcast” Below that, in a dark blue rectangular box, in white letters, appears “Trailer”. Across the bottom of the image is a bar that transitions from white to navy blue. Text on this bar, in royal blue reads “Chirs Mitchell – your guide to self-confidence”. At the bottom of the mage, aligned right, against the vibrant blue background is “” in yellow.

PODCAST: Sucess Starts with Self-Confidence Trailer

Hey, #DefineYourselfer!  I am Chris Mitchell, your guide to self-confidence for self-employed people with disabilities.  I am a certified confidence life coach and a two-time award-winning speaker, and this is the “Success Starts with Self-confidence vodcast and podcast”.

The “Success Starts with Self-confidence vodcast and podcast” is your go-to place on the Internet that shares tips, tricks, how-to’s, life hacks, and more that will help you discover, develop, and grow the self-confidence necessary to succeed as a self-employed person with a disability.

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Until we talk again, this is Chris Mitchell, your guide to self-confidence reminding you that success starts with self-confidence.