I am a successful self-published author of two books available exclusively on Amazon and a contributor to another book (also on Amazon).

It Doesn’t Define Me: How I Rebuilt My Life After Surviving an Ischemic Stroke to the Spinal Cord

In this memoir, Chris shares his story of how he survived an ischemic stroke to his spinal cord (a stroke to lay people, a spinal cord injury to the medical community) and what he had to do to get his life back and show the world there si more to him than his wheelchair.

The Cheeseball Clann: Who’s Your Bully?

In this middle grade book is the story of three redheaded friends who attend middle school.  The three friends, Brian, TC and Lizzy must find out who is bullying them and why before it destroys their school year.

Stroke Recovery Stories: Humorous and Inspiring Stories Told By Stroke Survivors and the People Who Love Them

In this collection of stories of people who are recovering from strokes, Chris contributes a condensed version of his story or surviving his stroke.