A young Caucasian man with a short haircut, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans looking down at a cell phone in his hand with white earbuds in his ears, sitting and leaning forward. The background of the image are weeds along a shore with a blue sky and a few little white clouds. The upper right corner of the image appears the cover art for the Success Starts with Self-Confidence – the Podcast. The cover art is square with a vibrant blue background. The text at the top of the image reads Success Starts with Self-Confidence” in cursive and white color. Below that, appears the text “the Podcaast” in yellow text. Underneath a photo of Chirs Mitchell, wearing a blue polo shirt and glasses with white text that reads “with Chris Mitchell” near the bottom of his photo. At the bottom of the cover art appears a bar that is white at the top and transitions into a navy blue. Text on this bar reads “your guide to self-confidence” Below that text, in the light blue text appears “theChrisMitchell.com”

Hosted by Chris Mitchell, your guide to Self-confidence, Success Starts with Self-Confidence – the Podcast shares tips, tricks, how-to’s, and life hacks that will help you discover, develop, and grow the self-confidence necessary to succeed as a self-employed entrepreneur with a disability.

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