Successful people find solutions, not fault

We all face challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations, and setbacks as we strive to achieve our goals and succeed in life.  If we spend our time finding something or someone to blame for our struggles, we won’t achieve any real success in our lives.

It takes time for you to find fault in any situation.  It takes even more time to develop anger, bitterness, hostility, hatred towards something or someone that you felt caused the struggles that are preventing you from cruising into success.

Why?  Those negative mentions I just mentioned: anger, bitterness, hostility, and hatred can drain you of energy that you could be using to overcome the challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations, and setbacks that are between you and your definition of success.

Often, we can get stuck in the fault-finding or blame game and when that happens, we move slower towards our goals – if we move toward them at all.

To prevent getting stuck in fault-finding and the blame game, we must start training our brains to find solutions to every challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation, and setback that pops up on our journey to succeeding in achieving our goals.

For example, if gasoline prices are going up and making it hard on you financially, instead of trying to find someone to blame, search for a solution.  Possible solutions include eliminating unnecessary trips, plan out trips before you head out so you do not backtrack, car pool, public transit – just to name a few possible solutions to save you money from those high prices at the pumps.

Take a honest look at yourself. Ask yourself, when a challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation, and setback stand between myself and success, how do I respond?

If you answered the the first thing you do is find fault or something or someone to Blane, then you need to work hard to change that response to difficult struggles.  It won’t be easy at first but keep at it and soon it will be like second nature to respond to every situation by searching for solutions.  When you can do that, every struggle will become a small speedbump on the road to success instead of a major detour.

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