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Make Every Second Count Live

During the live program t I shared my mission and the mission of #DefineYourself to empower people with disabilities to create success as well as the story of why I named my business #DefineYourself.

I shared how I became a person with a physical disability, visual impairment, neurodiverse person, and a person who battled mental health issues and how I taught myself how to walk five years after my insurance stopped paying for my outpatient therapy.

I also talked about my faith and why it fits me fine and that I am not here to try to convert others because I respect all for who they are and where they are in life.

I shared what I believe isa the most powerful word we can use yet and why it is the most important word we should all know.

We also talked about how to respond to others who tell us what we cannot do.

I also share the importance of being mindful of what we say, what we hear, and what we tell ourselves because what we believe will become our reality.

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