Chris Mitchell is a 2x award winning speaker, a certified confidence life coach and the author of 3 self-published books including “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Discover, Develop and Grow Your Confidence for the Neurodiverse and Everyone Else.”

Chris’ personal journey of discovering, developing, and growing his self-confidence began on the morning of Monday, June 29th, 1992, when Chris was a single 26-year-old young man, sitting on the edge of his bed, reflecting on his life, feeling that he had not accomplished anything in his life and fearing he may never experience professional or personal success.

Since his graduation from high school in 1984 life had not gone the way he had hoped or planned.  By the age of 26 Chris had hoped to be working in broadcast radio, preferably as part of a morning show for a top 40 radio station in a big market. 

During the previous eight years of Chris’ life, He had been asked to seek education elsewhere from the first community college he attended, been on academic probation several times from the second college he attended, lost two college jobs one of which fired him, and been in three different mental health hospitals 11 times for depression. 

Chris did start his own business two months earlier, but was struggling to get his first client, and although he had moved out of his parents’ home when he was 23 to live with roommates, Chris was asked to leave after seven months and had been living alone in a one-bedroom apartment for more than 2 years.

All of Chris’ life he had allowed other people’s opinions of him, including the hurtful words from my verbally abusive functioning alcoholic father, biases, limits, derogatory labels that others had placed on him, and what he calls self-sabotaging behavior (including inappropriate social behavior) that cost him jobs and destroyed friendships that was a part of being neurodiverse, lead to negative self-talk and self-worth, that damaged – if not destroyed – his self-confidence.

Since that sunny summer morning Chris has successfully convinced a company to hire him when they were not hiring anyone while holding a white cane in his hand, earned awards and recognition for his work as an employee and as a volunteer, started and ran 4 successful businesses from his home, been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, earned awards for his writing and speaking, earned his certification as a confidence life coach, regained the ability to walk after an incomplete spinal cord injury, and married his dream girl. 

Chris was able to do all of that and more because he discovered the secret to success is self-confidence and wants to share that secret with you!