Left side of image is a photo of Chris Mitchell, a Caucasian male, wearing glasses and a white polo shirt with it Doesn’t Define Me printed on it. In the background appears one blue hot air balloon against a blue sky and above white fluffy clouds. On the right side of the image appears “Every decision we make will define who we are today, and that will define if we enjoy success tomorrow” in blue text.

The Mojo Radio Show

Chris Mitchell was the second guest on the Mojo Radio Show.  During his appearance he discussed his new book, it Doesn’t Define Me: How I Rebuilt My Life After Surviving an Ischemic Stroke to My Spinal Cord.

The Mojo Radio Show is a high quality radio show that helps you get your mojo working in and out of the workplace. This highly produced weekly podcast features special guests, features, reviews and information designed to provide tips and tools to get your mojo working. It’s an entertaining, engaging and educational radio show for the business professional.