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Chris in front of a fireplace with photos, security camera, green shamrocks on top next to bookcase of DVDs. Chris is holding two Toastmasters awards he earned in speech competitions. Chris is wearing glasses, short and curly hair, a light blue dress shirt, a multi-colored tie and a dark blue dress jacket

2021 Toastmaster Area 18 of District 8 Winner

Chris competed in both the annual Toastmasters speech and table topics competition and earned awards for himself and his club, Plus factors Toastmasters. Chris gave a speech enticed A Liability or an Asset for the international speech competition and earned third place. Chris competed in the Toastmasters Table Topics competition …

Chris Mitchell, with facial hair, holding a plaque with his photo on it along with the article written about him in the Joplin Regional Business Journal. Chris is wearing a long sleeved dark blue dress shirt. Phot taken in a banquet room where he was recognized as the volunteer of the year in the Joplin Regional Business Journals annual Salute to Health Care.

2016 Salute to Health Care Volunteer of the Year

Chris was honored by the Joplin Regional Business Journal at their annual “Salute to Health Care” banquet.  Chris was honored for overcoming a life changing ischemic stroke to his spinal cord that occurred in a Northern California hospital. Using his own life experiences, Chris is able to connect with the …

2000 Co-Disabled Employee of the Year Award

Chris was honored at a luncheon as the 2000 co-disabled employee of the year by the Stanislaus County Mayor’s Committee for the employment of persons with disabilities. Chruie eanred this award for his work at Netfeed, a locally based ISP (Internet Service Provider, for his work as a customer service rep – …

1987-88 Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges

Chris’ name and short bio was included in the 1987-88 edition of annual printing of Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges for his work as the president of the Able-Disabled Association of Modesto Junior College and his work on the college’s student council.