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Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting

Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting discusses how networking has helped him grow his business and his reputation. how he keeps his self-confidence up as an entrepreneur and why he believes his disability is a superpower that is helping him succeed.

A person with a disability, Matthew Shapiro has spent most of his life motivated to teach those he has met how to better understand the disability community and disability inclusion. 

Through his business, 6 Wheels Consulting, Matthew educates others regarding disability-related issues. by working with those in both the private and public sectors.  Matthew hopes to expand others’ understanding of disabilities and inclusion to give them the tools they can use in any environment. 

Matthew has had the privilege of sitting on numerous disability boards and speaking at a variety of conferences both locally and nationally.

America’s Disability Advisor, 6 Wheels Consulting, was created to work with those in both the private and public sectors to assist them in expanding their understanding of disabilities and inclusion. Throughout his life, Matthew has come across barriers that affect everyone, regardless of disability. Through the use of educational strategies, 6 Wheels Consulting is committed to making your entity more inclusive to all. Through this mission, people with disabilities can be more strongly integrated into society. By combining the knowledge he has gained through numerous disability-related training programs with his personal experiences, Matthew is uniquely qualified to help make your company, organization, or community more inclusive and disability-aware.

How to connect with Matthew Shapiro

·         https://www.6wheelsconsulting.com/

·         [email protected]

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