I am an engaging, energetic and guest who will inspire and empower your entire audience to discover, develop and grow their self-confidence.

I have more than twenty years of experience as a guest on television, radio, podcasts, and panel discussions sharing my insights and experiences as neurodivergent individual certified confidence life coach who has built my sucess on the foundation of self-confidence.

I studied broadcast radio in college and my work in commercial broadcast radio (including as a part of three morning drive-time shows and co-hosting a radio call-in program) for almost twenty years prepared me to host three different talk format podcasts.

I know that you, as a host or producer, need a guest who is able to provide value to both your program and the most important part of your program – your audience.

YOUR ENTIRE AUDIENCE will be entertained by Chris’ engaging and energetic personality while discovering how they can start discovering, developing and growing their self-confidence..

If you are interested or ready to book me as a guest, please click here to send an email or use the contact form below.