Success Starts with Self-Confidence – he Podcast is based upon my book, “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Discover, Develop and Grow Your Confidence as a Neurodivergent (and everyone else)”.  This is the podcast that will help you discover, develop and grow the confidence necessary to pursue a late in life autism diagnosis and to live as a authentic neurodivergent in a neurotypical world.

Success Starts with Self-Confidence – the podcast is a short form (7 to 15 minutes) audio podcast and YouTube show with video that focuses on a specific topic that will help the neurodivergent (Autistics and/or ADHDers) and everyone else discover, develop, and grow their self-confidence.

Each episode, Chris Mitchell, your guide to self-confidence – a certified confidence life coach shares with you strategies that can increase your self-confidence to be who you are authentically and achieve the professional and personal success you desire and deserve.

Selected episodes Chris will be joined by a guest.  Guests include authors of self-help/self-improvement books, motivational speakers, life coaches or anyone who is neurodivergent.  Guests will join Chris in a conversation that will help you increase your self-confidence.

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