Chris Mitchell, with facial hair, holding a plaque with his photo on it along with the article written about him in the Joplin Regional Business Journal. Chris is wearing a long sleeved dark blue dress shirt. Phot taken in a banquet room where he was recognized as the volunteer of the year in the Joplin Regional Business Journals annual Salute to Health Care.

2016 Salute to Health Care Volunteer of the Year

Chris was honored by the Joplin Regional Business Journal at their annual “Salute to Health Care” banquet. 

Chris was honored for overcoming a life changing ischemic stroke to his spinal cord that occurred in a Northern California hospital. Using his own life experiences, Chris is able to connect with the loved ones of patients at Freeman Health System’s Intensive Care Unit.

At the event Chris gave an acceptance speech before being presented with a glass-blown award and a plaque of the article that appeared in the March 28th edition of the Joplin Regional Business Journal.

The award is proudly displayed in Chris’s home office and the plaque is proudly displayed on the wall

Witch Chris’ acceptance speech on YouTube by clicking here or through the video player below.