The background of the image is a grey computer keyboard with the letters “C” and “V” blurred. To the left of the spacebar, there is the wheelchair-disabled logo in white on a key. Centered and filling most of the image is a white transparent overlay. On the left of the transparent area image is a photo of an African-American Woman with light-colored skin and short pink hair with Keisha Greaves under the photo. To the right of the photo appears Keisha Greaves Disabled business & nonprofit owner, disability advocate in blue text. Near the bottom of the image is a white bar that stretches across the entire image and transitions into navy blue. In the vibrant blue text, within the bar, appears “Successful. Self-Employed & Disabled”. Above the bar on the left side of the screen, is a white tab with #DefineYourself in two shades of blue.

Meet Keisha Greaves Disabled business & nonprofit owner, disability advocate

At age 24, Keisha Greaves was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy – at which point, her life changed forever. Rather than be bogged down by her diagnosis, Keisha decided to channel her energy into celebrating those with Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses. Thus began Girls Chronically Rock and the founding of her other nonprofits: The GCR Adaptive Project and the Trust Your Abilities Nonprofit for People of Color. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Girls Chronically Rock supports individuals in the disability community through inspiring and adaptive tees, hoodies, accessories, and swimwear.

Girls Chronically Rock is a fashion brand for the disability community. The word “chronic” in its name is a reference to people living with chronic illnesses. The fashion line is a collection of apparel items for people living with disability with clothing specially designed for men and women.

The company’s mission is to create, motivate, encourage, inspire, and let people know that you rock and can accomplish anything you put your mind to. GCR ADAPTIVE PROJECT is on a mission to let people know that even chronic illness cannot stop them. You can be chronically ill and awesome.

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