Everyone at The Stroke Support Club that was on the zoom meeting on 1/28/2021 appreciated that you shared your journey with them. It’s always good for other survivors to hear a success story and see how you personally overcame obstacles, challenges and adversities during your journey. They all left the meeting inspired and hopeful in reaching their own goals. Thank you. Please continue to share your story and shine a light on everyone you touch.

Leslie Klein

The presentation is full of inspiration and insights. His story is a source of hope amidst a time of much uncertainty.


These are such strange times and having you join our group virtually made it seem normal to have a guest speaker at our meeting.
Your story is uplifting, motivating and heartwarming. I could tell that our members were very engaged and attentive.
It is so helpful for others with disabilities to see / hear someone who showed that attitude is so much of getting on with life, despite limitations.


Chris spoke to our Stroke Support Group on 1/19/21. The information was beneficial for those attending the meeting. Thank you very much!

Linda Robinson