Book Review: The Self-Esteem CBT workbook for adults by Marcee Martin

The Self-Esteem CBT workbook for adults by Marcee Martin is a good starting point to improve confidence.

As a certified confidence life coach, and after reading Marcee Martin’s book, “The Self-Esteem CBT workbook for adults” I can say with confidence that Martin’s book is a excellent starting point for anyone who wishes to improve their self-confidence.

Martin did an excellent job of breaking down what does contribute to self-doubt, which does impact on our self-confidence.  Martin doesn’t stop there.  She also explains how and why the mind does what it does that is sabotaging our confidence which will impact our professional and personal success.

Martin gives practical and easy to understand activities we can do to change our mindsets from being negative to positive including how to change negative self-talk into positive self-talk that will help you, the reader, increase your confidence.

The only thing that I was a bit disappointed with Martin’s book is that there were not any actual worksheets in the book.  Maybe this is because my neurodiverse mind takes things literally, but when the title said “workbook” I expected actual worksheets.  However, there are plenty of activities Martin teaches you in her book that will help you defeat self doubt and grow as a person.

Also, the book does not go deep into CBT, but is a good starting point for anyone who is curious about CBT and just wants to get his or her feet wet on how CBT works.