Book Review: Adults with Autism spectrum Disorder by T. G. Alexander

I started reading this book through Kindle Unlimited and liked it so much that before I finished chapter 2, I quickly RETURNED TO it to purchase my own copy.

As a person who currently self-identifies as autistic while I wait for a formal assessment and diagnosis, I can say this has been the best book I have read, so far, on the topic of autism as I try to understand myself and find answers on my own autism status.

The book starts out with the author being transparent by saying they are not on the spectrum but after years of studying autism, wrote this book – which I call an essential guide to anyone who suspects they are on the spectrum, or confIrmed they are on the spectrum, regardless of where they are on the spectrum.

This book addresses the pros and cons of pursuing a late in life diagnosis of autism. (spoiler alert: the pros outweigh the cons/)

The book goes into the process of pursuing a diagnosis and I feel does a good job at setting what to expect during the journey – which as someone who self-identifies as autistic who experiences severe anxiety when I am facing the unknown, I found the authors information to be comforting.

The latter half of the book give the autistic person a great handbook of how to live life to the fullest while living on the spectrum.  I consider this the life handbook that you are expected to know but no one has given you

This portion of the book is written to address every concern that a person on the spectrum, regardless of where they are on the spectrum, including in the areas of living independently, gainful employment, romance and more.

If you are an adult of any age, or in high school, and Self-identify as autistic or been diagnosed as autistic, this book can help you thrive in a neurotypical world.