Bright blue background with a photo of Chris Mitchell, wearing a blue polo shirt and glasses on the left of the image. To the right of Chris’ photo, a rectangle in a blueish-green color with dark test that reds “Wheel With Me Foundation Presents Winter Empowerment Success Starts with Self-Confidence with Chris Mitchell, January 25th, 2024 6 pm EST via Zoom. with 2 small clip arts of a person performing a wheelie on a wheelchair.

Chris Mitchell will speak on self-confidence at the winter empowerment series

Join Chris Mitchell for “Success Starts with Self-Confidence” presented by the Wheel with Me Foundation.

During this one-hour virtual event, Chris will explain why people with disabilities struggle with self-confidence.  Chris will share how you can fight back while developing and growing your self-confidence.

 Attendees will leave with several strategies they can use to become the self-confident persomn they need to be to achieve their dreams of success, including becoming a successful self-employed person with a disability.

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