The image background is a road with a white arrow painted on it pointing towards the far end of the road. The sky is mostly cloudy with grey clouds reflecting the sunlight with shades of orange in the clouds. Across the top of the image, in large blue numbers, appears “2024”. Text on image, in blue, reads “Your Year to Soar”, “#DFYSAcademy”, “Set the goals you need to succeed in 2024” and in white text against a dark blue background, at the bottom of the image, appears “January 11th, 2024 @ 6 pm CT”

Set the Goals You Need to Succeed in 2024

A new year is here, full of opportunities and possibilities for you to create the success you desire and deserve as a self-employed person with a disability. The only question is “Are you going to do what you have done in the past that resulted in being in the same spot you were a year ago, or are you going to do something different that takes you to the next level?”

This can be your year to join the more than 700,000 self-employed persons with disabilities who will start or grow their disabled-owned business or non-profit in the United States.

All it takes is ditching your resolutions and using the proper goal-setting techniques to make your dreams come true!

Join Chris Mitchell, a certified confidence coach serving the self-employed disabled community and author of “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Confidence for the Self-employed Person with a Disability” to discover:

  1. Why your New Year’s resolutions have failed!
  2. Why your goals have not worked
  3. And what you can do differently to make 2024 the year that you SOAR!

During this sixty-minute event, you will learn how to set goals the SMART way and what it takes to achieve if not exceed your expectations for success in 2024!

Come join us live on Thursday, January 11th, 2024!

There will be a door prize of an autographed copy of Chris’s new book, “Success Starts with Self-Confidence: 10 Steps to Confidence for the Self-employed Person with a Disability”,  for one lucky attendee from the United States.