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2000 Co-Disabled Employee of the Year Award

Chris was honored at a luncheon as the 2000 co-disabled employee of the year by the Stanislaus County Mayor’s Committee for the employment of persons with disabilities. Chruie eanred this award for his work at Netfeed, a locally based ISP (Internet Service Provider, for his work as a customer service rep – …

1987-88 Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges

Chris’ name and short bio was included in the 1987-88 edition of annual printing of Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges for his work as the president of the Able-Disabled Association of Modesto Junior College and his work on the college’s student council.

St. Louis area 1984 Rotary Most Improved Student

At the end of Chris’ senior year of high school, Chris was awarded with the 1984 St. Louis Area Rotary club most improved student of the year award.  The award came with a check and a gold ruler. Chris earned this recognition for showing the most growth during his 4 …