White Transparent overlay on top of a partial view from an angle of grey keys on a laptop. Letters are blurred. The key to the left of the space bar has a disabled logo and the letters STRG in white. On the left side of the image is a photo of the guest, Dr. Angela Lauria, a woman, with blond hair, wearing a blue shirt, holding a coffee cup. To the right of the photo is the text that reads “A conversation with Dr. Angela Lauria Difference Press & Autistic Culture Podcast”

Dr. Angela Lauria of Difference Press, co-host of the Autistic Culture Podcast talks about creating success as a autistic entrepreneur

Dr. Angela Lauria is the founder of Difference Press™, an independent publisher and consulting agency for authors. She is a bestselling author and has helped almost 2,000 entrepreneurs write, publish, and promote exceptional expert books. She lives in Washington DC and in her free time hosts The Autistic Culture Podcast.