The background of the image is a grey computer keyboard with the letters “C” and “V” blurred. To the left of the spacebar, there is the wheelchair-disabled logo in white on a key. Centered and filling most of the image is a white transparent overlay. On the left of the transparent area image is a photo of Trent Brock, a Caucasian male with dark hair and a beard, wearing a grey t shirt in the victory pose with his name under his photo. To the right of the photo appears Cancer Overcomer Trent Brocks talks kettle corn business, motivational speaking in blue text. Near the bottom of the image is a white bar that stretches across the entire image and transitions into navy blue. In the vibrant blue text, within the bar, appears “Successful. Self-Employed & Disabled”. Above the bar on the left side of the screen, is a white tab with #DFYSPodcast in two shades of blue.

Cancer Overcomer Trent Brock talks kettle corn business, motivational speaking.

Trent Brock is an international small business entrepreneur and 3X cancer overcomer including hip, lung, and pancreatic cancer, which pancreatic cancer is less than a 5% chance of beating it

Originally from the US, Trent is a small business international entrepreneur owning and operating a kettle corn manufacturing factory. Trent was the first person to bring kettle corn to New Zealand over fourteen years ago. Trent’s business, New Zealand Kettle Korn, supplies NZ and exports internationally. 

Trent is a 3x cancer overcomer. Hip cancer left Trent with the physical challenge of left leg four inches shorter than the other. Lung and then pancreatic, which is less than a 5% chance to survive. Trent changed his diet, exercise routine, and mental and spiritual outlook even though five specialists told him it was over. Trent is now two years cancer-free and currently a patient at Mayo Clinic doing multiple surgeries over several months that will give him the four inches back in his left leg. This is a custom, never done before hip implant that will be published in the medical journals.

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