The background of the image is a grey computer keyboard with the letters “C” and “V” blurred. To the left of the spacebar, there is the wheelchair-disabled logo in white on a key. Centered and filling most of the image is a white transparent overlay. On the left of the transparent area image is a photo of Kristin Secor, a Caucasian woman with blonde hair, wearing black sitting in an electric wheelchair with a scenic background with her name under her photo. To the right of the photo appears the Founder of a accessible travel blog discusses traveling with a disability in blue text. Near the bottom of the image is a white bar that stretches across the entire image and transitions into navy blue. In the vibrant blue text, within the bar, appears “Successful. Self-Employed & Disabled”. Above the bar on the left side of the screen, is a white tab with #DFYSPodcast in two shades of blue.

Founder of accessible travel blog discusses traveling with a disability

Kristin Secor of World on Wheels Travel blog discusses her journey as a founder of a travel blog and a person who travels the world as a person with a disability.

Kristin is combining her love of travel and her experience as a person living with a disability to start her own accessible travel blog business and help others achieve their dreams of traveling the world.

Kristin was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which affects her strength, balance, endurance, and breathing. Despite her physical challenges, she has traveled to 20 countries across 4 continents (including Antarctica). She uses her experiences and love of traveling to help others go to their bucket list destinations through her wheelchair accessible travel blog, World on Wheels Blog. Her goal is to provide information and resources to make planning accessible travel easier. Additionally, she organizes accessible small group tours in an effort to make accessible travel more affordable and allow people to travel to places they’ve always dreamed of.

About World on Wheels

World on Wheels Blog aims to inspire people to travel to destinations they may have never thought possible (due to a lack of accessibility) while providing information and resources to help make planning those adventures easier. Additionally, it assists people with travel through its wheelchair accessible itinerary planning service and by organizing accessible small group tours.

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