The background of the image is a grey computer keyboard with the letters “C” and “V” blurred. To the left of the spacebar, there is the wheelchair-disabled logo in white on a key. Centered and filling most of the image is a white transparent overlay. On the left of the transparent area image is a photo of a Caucasian woman with white hair, wearing a red shirt, black jacket and a necklace smiling with Kay A Oliver, Author under her photo. To the right of the photo appears Author Kay A. Oliver shares writing tips and talks about Working in Hollywood in blue text. Near the bottom of the image is a white bar that stretches across the entire image and transitions into navy blue. In the vibrant blue text, within the bar, appears “Successful. Self-Employed & Disabled”. Above the bar on the left side of the screen, is a white tab with #DFYSPodcast in two shades of blue.

Author Kay A. Oliver shares writing tips and talks about Working in Hollywood

Author of “Road to Elysium”, shares writing tips, publishing tips and talks about working in Hollywood.

Kay A. Oliver is a dynamic storyteller with degrees in Radio/TV/Film from California State University, Fullerton, and an MBA in Business. With over three decades in entertainment, spanning studios and TV stations, she has produced, written, and directed films. Defying gender biases, Oliver became an author, championing women’s resilience in her novels. Her characters, often professionals like archaeologists and anthropologists, navigate life’s challenges with humor despite their imperfections. Her literary journey began with the success of “Disturbed Tombs,” evolving into a compelling series. “Grave Disturbances,” the second installment in the Dr. Kaili Worthy series, has garnered anticipation for the upcoming release, “Disturbing Remains.” Kay’s works include “Road to Elysium,” resonating with readers on a deeply human level. In her latest work, “Ice Cream Moments,” she explores family dynamics with empathy. Honored in Marquis’ Who’s Who in America 2024, Oliver’s legacy as a legendary storyteller is cemented.

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