White Transparent overlay on top of a partial view from an angle of grey keys on a laptop. Letters are blurred. The key to the left of the space bar has a disabled logo and the letters STRG in white. On the left side of the image is a photo of the guest, Chistina Brookman, a woman, with long dark blond hair, wearing glasses and a strawberry-colored shirt. To the right of the photo is the text that reads “A conversation with Christian Brookman Disability Advocate/Speaking in Spoons Podcast”

Christina Brookman of Speaking In Spoons Podcast

Christina Brookman, the host of Speaking in Spoons, a chronically ill podcast discusses what self-employment means to her, the benefits of self-employment, where her self-confidence comes from and what success looks like, and more.

Christina Brookman is a disability advocate and creator/host for Speaking in Spoons: A Chronically ill Podcast. Christina was a professional actress and teaching artist before she had to stop working at age 30. She has Ehlers Danlos, POTS, Hemipeligic Migraines, Sjogrens, Fibromyalgia and along with several other chronic illnesses including PTSD. Through her podcast, advocacy work and speaking engagements she works to connect those with disabilities and help them with a sense of community and support. Speaking in Spoons is a platform for those with disabilities to share their story, and learn from each other’s experiences along with advocates and experts in the field. 

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