The background of the image is a grey computer keyboard with the letters “C” and “V” blurred. To the left of the spacebar, there is the wheelchair-disabled logo in white on a key. Centered and filling most of the image is a white transparent overlay. On the left of the transparent area image is a photo of Lorraine Woodward, a Caucasian woman with grey hair, wearing a pink dress, sitting in a chair with a brick wall and window behind her with her name under her photo. To the right of the photo appears “Starting an accessible short term rental business while thriving with Muscular Dystrophy” in blue text. Near the bottom of the image is a white bar that stretches across the entire image and transitions into navy blue. In the vibrant blue text, within the bar, appears “Successful. Self-Employed & Disabled”. Above the bar on the left side of the screen, is a white tab with #DFYSPodcast in two shades of blue.

Starting an accessible short term rental business while thriving with Muscular Dystrophy.

The CEO and co-founder of Becoming rentABLE, where she guides the entire Becoming rentABLE team with creative ideas that positively impact the lives of people with disabilities and their families in the world of accessible short-term rentals. 

Lorraine is a full-time wheelchair user, having been diagnosed as a young child with limb girdle muscular dystrophy. Lorraine is passionate about the world of accessible short-term rentals due to her experience as a mother of 2 children who also have muscular dystrophy and the difficulty her family has had with finding accessible vacation destinations and short-term rental properties. Outside of work, Lorraine and her family enjoy eating tasty food and own two accessible short-term rental properties, the first of which was the inspiration for Becoming rentABLE.

At Becoming Rentable, we envision a world where accessibility isn't just a feature but a fundamental right. Beyond offering accessible short-term rentals, we're transforming the travel landscape for individuals with disabilities. Fueled by a commitment to inclusion, we go beyond being a typical platform. Our unique approach focuses on education, market expansion, and a stringent certification process. This isn't just business; it's a calling. At Becoming Rentable, we're advocates, educators, and innovators, redefining travel where accessibility isn't a feature but the cornerstone of every journey.

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