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Successful, Self-Employed & Disabled Podcast Running a business that supports persons with ADHD by a neurodiverse author/entrepreneur

Elizabeth Kisser, an author and founder of Agape Transition, discusses her life as a person with ADHD and how she uses her life experiences to coach others who are living with ADHD.

Elizabeth loves to serve the neurodiverse community. She is aiming to educate a million non-ND people by 2026 about the realities of ADHD, and help neurodiverse people heal from their ND-related traumas, moving towards a prosperous and thriving life. 

Elizabeth comes to us with over 35 years professional experience. Her work with trauma lead her to the realization of the link between trauma and ADHD. She’s always been fascinated with the workings of the mind. When she discovered our brain thoughts and patterns can be changed she began implementing it in her practice helping clients heal and process trauma as well as minimizing ADHD symptoms She is a course creator, facilitator public speaker, and a Mom to an amazing adult son with AuDHD. In her spare time, she enjoys fitness, the outdoors, studying science, and neurology, doing puzzles and playing with her cats 

As a mental health practitioner, Elizabeth loves to help people heal from the layers of ADHD which often include childhood abuse. When Elizabeth was a child she felt afraid, ashamed, embarrassed and powerless. She did not want others to feel these emotions, rejected, isolated and alienated. Trauma-Informed ADHD Counselling helps Elizabeth to empower the clients she gets to serve. 

Elizabeth’s mission is to guide individuals in the exploration and resolution of life challenges stemming from ADHD, and Autism. Her intrigue in the human mind lead her to years of studying neural plasticity and the ability to rewire thought patterns, experiences and the brain. This gives Elizabeth an extra advantage. Elizabeth incorporates techniques to rewired thoughts and experiences bringing higher therapeutic value and faster results for her clients.

How to connect with Elizabeth and Agape Transitions

·        [email protected]

·        780-633-9855

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