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This is a scheduled list of guests for season one of the Successful, Self-Employed & Disabled Podcast.

Episode drops on the date indicated at 5 am on most populate podcast player platforms and at 3 pm (15:00) Untied States Central Time.

Schedule guest subject to change.

01 – Tony Jacobsen of #UNBREAKABLE
January 23, 2024
Tony Jacobsen of #UNBREAKABLE, a physical fitness instructor, discusses his biggest challenges in starting his business, building confidence, and shares advice for persons with disabilities who aspire to be self-employed

02 – Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting
January 23, 2024
Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting discusses how networking has helped him grow his business and his reputation. how he keeps his self-confidence up as an entrepreneur and why he believes his disability is a superpower that is helping him succeed.

03 – Christina Brookman of Speaking In Spoons Podcast
January 23, 2024
Christina Brookman, the host of Speaking in Spoons, a chronically ill podcast discusses what self-employment means to her, the benefits of self-employment, where her self-confidence comes from and what success looks like, and more.

04 – Dr. Angela Lauria of Difference Press, co-host of the Autistic Culture Podcast talks about creating success as a autistic entrepreneur
January 30, 2024
Dr. Angela Lauria is the founder of Difference Press™, an independent publisher and consulting agency for authors. She is a bestselling author and has helped almost 2,000 entrepreneurs write, publish, and promote exceptional expert books. She lives in Washington DC and in her free time hosts The Autistic Culture Podcast.

05 – Candace Schoner of Speaking Candidly with Candace
February 6, 2024
Candace Schoner is the host and producer of the mental health podcast Speaking Candidly with Candace. She is on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness using her background in journalism combined with her life experience with ADHD, anxiety, and dyslexia. She was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s which has dramatically changed her life.

06 – Running a business that supports persons with ADHD by a neurodiverse author/entrepreneur
February 13, 2024
Elizabeth loves to serve the neurodiverse community. She is aiming to educate a million non ND people by 2026 about the realities of ADHD, and help neurodiverce people heal from their ND related traumas , moving towards prosperous and thriving life.

07 – Keisha Greaves
February 20, 2024
At age 24, Keisha Greaves was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy – at which point, her life changed forever. Rather than be bogged down by her diagnosis, Keisha decided to channel her energy into celebrating those with Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses. Thus began Girls Chronically Rock and the founding of her other nonprofits: The GCR Adaptive Project and the Trust Your Abilities Nonprofit for People of Color. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Girls Chronically Rock supports individuals in the disability community through inspiring and adaptive tees, hoodies, accessories, and swimwear.

08 – Lois Strachan of A Different Way of Seeing
February 27, 2024
Lois Strachan is a coach, speaker, bestselling author, disability advocate, podcaster – and rock musician. She is totally blind, having lost her sight at the age of 21 as a result of diabetes. Through her various platforms Lois demystifies disability to build inclusion of persons with disabilities into society and the workplace.

09 – Dr. Jennifer Dall of ADHD Holistically
March 5, 2024
Dr. Jennifer Dall, a neurodivergent grief specialist, shares why she left traditional employment and started her own business, how she overcomes the challenges of ADHD as a business owner, and the ways she markets her coaching business,

10 – Dominika Staniewicz of Your Brain Coach D
March 12, 2024
A woman, a mother, as singer, an explorer a coach a knowledge enthusiast an overcomer a dreamer and simply a good human. She has been advising presidents and separated hangers at a warehouse. She follows her heart and lives in integrity. She has been through it all one thing she did not do is allow her disability to take away her dreams. 3 times book author in two different genders, holder of a masters degree and double BA.

11 – Kristin Secor of World on Wheels Blog
March 19,, 2024
Kristin is combining her love of travel and her experience as a person living with a disability to start her own accessible travel blog business and help others achieve their dreams of traveling the world.

12 – Lorraine Woodward of Becoming RentABLE
March 26, 2024
The CEO and co-founder of Becoming rentABLE, where she guides the entire Becoming rentABLE team with creative ideas that positively impact the lives of people with disabilities and their families in the world of accessible short-term rentals.

13 – Kadin McElwain
April 2, 2024
Kadin is an advocate for autism awareness in America and a current college student at Kent State University. Having been diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, he’s been able to define all odds and inspire everyone he has come across. Now, he is devoted to helping the autism community get the fair and equal treatment they deserve, inspire people with his story, and show that autism is not a disability, but a different ability.

14 – Randi Lee Bowslaugh of RB Writing and Media
April 9, 2024
Randi-Lee Bowslaugh is a mental health advocate, author, and YouTuber. She started writing at 14 years old as a coping strategy for her depression. Twenty years later she is now a mom, grandma, and thriving creative individual.

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15 – Philip Blackett
April 16, 2024
Philip Blackett is a consultant, entrepreneur and author of Disagree without Disrespect. He got his Masters of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, his MBA from Harvard Business School and his Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Political Science and Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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16 – Naomie Thompson
April 23, 2024
Naomie Thompson is a dating and relationship coach and master coach teacher. Helping accomplished women dating after divorce or a lifetime of wrong relationships, to break through their love blocks and have an incredible relationship.

17 – International Speaker Trent Brock of New Zealand Kettle Korn
April 30, 2024
Trent is an international small business entrepreneur and 3X cancer overcomer including hip, lung and pancreatic cancer, which pancreatic cancer is less than a 5% chance to beat it

18 – Amy Thurman of Polish the Mirror
May 7, 2024
Amy Thurman’s journey from being completely incapacitated and living with a broken neck for ten years to now living an empowered life will inspire you to stop making excuses and begin pursuing the life of your dreams!

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19 – Kellie Ann Peterson
May 14, 2024
Kellie Ann Peterson, author of Wounded Heart Graceful Warrior and the founder of Graceful Warrior’s ministries, shares how she started a non-profit after surviving 2 strokes.

20 – Benen Dykstra
May 21, 2024
Born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy Benen Dykstra AKA The Rolling Dragon has come a long way from growing up in the small town of Cayuga Ontario Canada to living on his own in Minden Ontario. Working as the host of The Sit Down Stand Out Show Podcast and a freelance VoiceOver Artist.

21 – Alison Hayes of Thriving While Disabled
May 28 2024
Alison Hayes has been living with nonapparent disabilities since her first diagnosis at 3 years of age. In 2018, she created Thriving While Disabled, initially a blog and now also a coaching and educational service intended to help disabled folks navigate the broken systems we face.

22 – Kay. A Oliver
May 28, 2024
Kay A. Oliver, acclaimed author and esteemed member of Who’s Who, boasting a career in Hollywood and membership in the TV Academy.

23 – Paul Lawrence Vann
May 28, 2024
Paul Lawrence Vann is the founder and President of Wealth Building Academy, LLC a leadership consultancy. He served over 20 years in the United States Air Force, he was assigned to the Pentagon for over 12 consecutive years, in addition to a year as a Capitol Hill Fellow working for a member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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